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Middle, Secondary & Senior School

The school offers a quality education, taking into consideration the aspirations and needs of the student community at present. The curriculum combines a variety of courses in arts and sciences to develop a desired learning outcome English is the medium of instruction with an option to select Tamil / Hindi as a second language (as per State Government Norms).



Standards VI to VIII comprise of the Lower Secondary Level. Students learn English, Second and Third language, Mathematics, Science, History & Civics, Geography, Computer Science & Moral Instruction. They are also trained in Drawing & Painting, Life skills, General Knowledge and Physical Education. In addition, students engage themselves in Project works of various subjects. They also visit places of academic interest. We are the only school in Vellore facilitating IIT Foundation Course from Std VI to IX at free of cost.


Standards IX to X comprise of the Secondary Level. We also offer NEET and IIT Foundation Course for Std 6 to 10 and NEET/JEE particular coaching for Std XI and XII with very nominal fee and with well-trained staff. Weekend online tests are organized to assess the performance of the students for better improvements. Online Reports are forwarded to parents for their better understanding of their wards.



Standards XI and XII comprise of the ‘Senior Secondary Level’. At this level, Students have a

choice of selecting their subjects. The following options are provided by the school: 

•    Group A:  English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science
•    Group B: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Admission to the first year of the ‘Senior Secondary Level’ shall be open to candidates who have passed STD X CBSE/STATE BOARD or an equivalent examination.

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