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Primary Education


To provide the highest standards of education for your child, our school has partnered with Chrysalis, India’s leader in educational research and innovation, for Mont 1- grade 5.

The Thinkroom

Meta-Thinking Method


Chrysalis ThinkRoom is a progressive learning and assessment programme adopted by forward-thinking schools.


A ThinkRoom adopts the path-breaking Meta-Thinking Method.


What makes great people such as C.V. Raman, M.S. Subbulakshmi and Abdul Kalam stand out and make an impact is the fact that they think differently from others. Your child has an inner-genius within her/him too. Advanced educational research has proven that expanding thinking not only boosts performance, but also is key to developing one’s potential.

 Through 20 years of educational research and innovation, Chrysalis has developed the breakthrough meta-thinking method. This proven method expands your child’s thinking, making it habitual, thus enabling her to discover her unique inner-genius. Your child becomes a meta-thinker!

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