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Out of hundreds of job applications we receive, our Human Resource panel selects the very best as teachers for our schools from the most eligible candidates. We take pride in the fact that so many qualified educators from around the world wish to be part of our team.

Our teachers and administrative staff are qualified professionals passionate about the vision of SNVC. Our teachers must love their job and love their students even more. A candidate who seeks to work with us for the cause must be able to see more in a child than themselves. We are on the lookout for forward-thinking experts with a passion to teach little children like their own. If that sounds like you, share your experience with us by sending us your data. Simply fill the Career Form or meet us at a recruitment event. You can also directly contact us at our corporate office or the local school. A personal meeting can then be scheduled for further evaluation and assessment. We will also determine whether your profile matches a different role, and will check with you to see if you would like to be considered for roles different than the one you applied. If interested, an interview can be scheduled.

We will always keep your experience in mind for future roles.

SNVC is on the lookout for highly qualified, dedicated, innovative, globally exposed, techno-friendly, learner-centric educators with excellent communication skills to steer the destiny of our smart generation. Chennai Public School offers multitude opportunities for professional growth in a collaborative, conducive work culture and convenient timings.

Selected members of the faculty are offered attractive remuneration packages including benefits such as Provident Fund, Medical Insurance and Educational scholarships for their children.

If you aspire to grow with us and realize your true potential as an educator, then SNVC is the right career platform.

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