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As one of the Top Schools in Vellore, Sri Narayani Vidyashram sr. sec. school hosts regular Yoga and Meditation classes for all the students. Equally important is the world–acclaimed art of yoga, which teaches the student about self-discipline, the power of concentration, and meditation. The science of good and healthy living is ‚Yoga‛.

More about Yoga

Yoga is integrated as a part of the curriculum, which helps to bring a balance in the mental, physical and emotional health of our students. Participating in yoga and mindfulness activities at school helps relieve stress and anxiety in young the minds, improving their wellbeing and emotional health and brings Holistic development in students. The need of physical activity, to soothe both body and mind is an essential part of school curriculum, which guides the child towards peace and harmony.



"Self Defence Is Not Just A Set Of Techniques; It’s A State Of Mind, And It Begins With The Belief That You Are Worth Defending." - Rorion Gracie Karate, as a form of martial art is taught for self-defence, steadiness, concentration, leadership skills and physical fitness. Karate teaches the students the importance of being responsible.

More about Karate

Feeling the necessity of self-defence in students, we at Sri Narayani Vidyashram Sr. Sec. School facilitate Karate as part ofthe timetable with required facilities provided inside the school campus. Qualified instructors train the students in this martial art. Karate classes are conducted in school to make students active and moving. It helps in increasing their concentration, self-esteem, focus and enthusiasm. Karate empowers students to face difficult situations with vigour and confidence.



Gymnastics is a unique sport, and for many teachers and schools, it is an area of PE that they are actively seeking to develop. We work with children of all ages and abilities and design our sessions to their needs, ranging from larger groups preparing for local competitions or performances, to smaller groups of children. The wellbeing of children alike in the school environment is key, we provide a challenging but safe environment at all times


Archery is a fun and educational activity for young people to take part in. Archery teaches discipline, respect and self-control - something that carries over into pupils' attitude, work habits and other school activities. There are a number of ways to introduce archery to young people; deliver Soft Archery in primary schools, get involved as part of the School Games, set up your own club or Archery Activity Partner, qualify to deliver traditional archery or find support from local clubs and coaches. Archery is a sport for all. It helps to build muscle endurance and flexibility, and develop hand-eye coordination and strength. Archery teaches discipline, respect and self-control - something that carries over into pupils' attitude, work habits and other school activities.



Silambam is one of the oldest martial arts in India dating back to 3rd century BC. Since then, the art has grown to various forms and was instrumental in forming many other techniques all over the world with the Shaolin Kung fu among it. The school has been concentrating on improving the fitness and self-defence of working professionals as well as developing Silambam masters.

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