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The Principal

Mrs S Lakshmi

M.A., B.Ed.

From the Principal's Desk

Om Namo Narayani

The dream becomes reality with the blessings that have been showering from the hands of divine soul our Beloved SRI SAKTHI AMMA, that spirit enhances us to a greater level. This institution's goals go beyond its restricted system and structure. Every child has plenty of possibilities to explore, expose, and exhibit their dreams thanks to our efforts. Every child is taught to dream about their choice. Never do we thrust. When you push, learning gets harder and harder. The welcoming atmosphere in this place encourages children to accept new methods with a joyful smile. Instead of playing the part of the perfect teacher, we are facilitators.

An excellent academician can only be a learner. We constantly stay current and updated.

Additionally, we firmly believe that every learner is a child of God who has to be raised with heavenly wisdom and unrelenting tenderness. We consistently invest in new and existing facilities, training, technologies, and services in order to provide the greatest possible school experience. Our temple of learning offers pupils a holistic education that combines spirituality, Indian ethos, and culture with social consciousness.

We truly hope that all of our students at SNVC will have a very fulfilling and successful educational experience thanks to Sri Sakthi Amma's blessings.

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